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It can be easy to speak about the environmental education, but little can be done concretely. After seeing that lack of commitment, the Don Bosco Buterere VTC decided to pass on action by planting fruit trees in its compound. The activity was conducted by the principal of the school and the head of the students. Some of these fruit trees are the orange trees, the mandarin trees, the lemon trees, the mango trees and Papaya. The 130 fruit trees were bought by the principal and planted by students. The activity was coordinated by the head of the students. This activity has a multi-dimensional goal. It is pointing at giving to the students an environmental education, which they do not get so fare. The activity aims at having a clean compound, decorated by the fruit trees, beside other trees that beautify the compound. The same fruit trees will produce fruits for the school community within few years for some, and few months for others. The same activity is a way to educate the students to being responsible. Every day there is a group of students who commit themselves to take care of the trees by watering them, verifying if they are still in good conditions, etc. After getting involved in the project, the students came to like it and they have already asked for support in order to get fruit trees at home where it is possible. A small project, which started from a school compound, but that will make an impact on the surrounding population that will get in touch with the students of Don Bosco VTC of Buterere.

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