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Since the 17th July 2017, there are activities for the children of less than 15 years who are on holidays. They come to the Don Bosco centre starting from 8.00 AM till 12.00 For 4 hours, they are busy with games, catechism, singing, dancing, etc. These activities will take place for 3 weeks. Participants children are more than 700, and 40 animators went through a serious training before starting the activity. During the training, they learned the psychology of chidren, how to animate a group of children, how to come to help a child who has any unexpected problem. They are happy to serve their little brothers and sisters as did Don Bosco. The theme of this year’s patronage is the family : « with Don Bosco, let us spread love and peace in our families ». This activity for the children of the primary school is held annually at the Salesian centre of Buterere during holidays. May the animators be blessed for their spontaneity to be with their little brothers and sisters playing, praying, jumping …….

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