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Publié par P. Jean Marie Mushibwe

After giving the training to the animators of Don Bosco Buterere on child protection policy, Father Jean Marie Mushibwe organized a debate with them and over sixteen parents were invited to come to participate in the debate on Child Protection Policy. Two questions animated the debate and the first question was to enumerate and explain the key principles regarding the violation of children's rights. And the second question was to enumerate and explain the different forms of child protection violations and the consequences for each of them. As for the first question, the animators answered the question based on a few principles, namely the principle of the best interests of the child which must be the paramount concern in any decision concerning him/her. Thus, according to the animators, all adults are required to do what is best for children and when adults make decisions, they must think about the impact of these decisions on children. To add to the rest of the first question, the animators added some key principles regarding the violation of children's rights to the principle of the right to life, survival and development, the principle of respect for the opinion of the child. Regarding the second question, the animators, having followed the session on child protection policy, responded to the question by giving four forms of violence: physical violence, sexual violence, psychological abuse and neglect. After explaining these forms of violence, the facilitators gave some consequences that ensue from these acts of violence, namely loss of life, abandoning school, street children. Moral Decadence, Killer Diseases. (Malaria, HIV, Acute Respiratory Infections - (ARTIs), Measles, Polio, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Diphtheria), HIV and AIDS, Drug Abuse. Prostitution. Suicide. At the end of the debate Father Ferdinand Ntunzwenimana Director of Buterere Community, thanked the animators for understanding and explaining the child protection policy; at the end of his speech he thanked Father Jean Marie for the work of raising awareness about child protection policy. Fr Ferdinand thanked also the parents and he wished that the material learned during the debate would be implemented in everyday life as it is written on the T-shirt "Let us be the defender of the right of the child".

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