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On Monday, 8th October 2018, the Don Bosco Professional Training Center in Buterere opened the 2018-2019 school year. The Director - in the first morning talk of the school year - welcomed all the students especially newcomers. The Director reminded that the Don Bosco VTC is a school under Catholic rules – although it welcomes students belonging to different beliefs. It aims the quality at all levels. Students come not only for teaching but also for education which they get through different activities organized by the school. In this first morning talk, the Director reminded everyone – teachers and students – that they belong to a same family and invited them to feel part of this family and to make it progress. Pour cette année scolaire, le CFP vient d’accueillir 98 nouveaux inscrits qui s’ajoutent à ceux qui avancent de classe et tous sont répartis dans les sections de Mécanique Automobile, Electricité, Bâtiment, Coupe Couture, Soudure et TIC. For this school year, the Don Bosco VTC has just welcomed 98 new students who have come to join those who have been studying there. The opened sections are Auto-Mechanics, Electricity, Building, Sewing, Welding and ICT.

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